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Category: Non-Profit Research Institute
Phone: (800) 201-2011
Location: Columbus, OH
Therapeutic Areas: Infectious Disease, Respiratory

Battelle is the world’s largest nonprofit research institute. We conduct scientific research for a wide spectrum of clients in multiple industries. Life Science Research is a core discipline at Battelle, where we offer services as a Contract Research Organization in support of our client’s drug development efforts.

Battelle has particular expertise in general toxicology, inhalation toxicology, and safety pharmacology. We can conduct studies via all routes of administration in all common species (rodent, canine, primate, minipig, rabbit, others) in our recently-expanded Life Sciences Research Facility located just outside Columbus, Ohio. This state-of-the-art vivarium is the latest update in Battelle’s 30+ years of toxicology studies. Live phase work is supported by considerable pathology expertise for studies conducted in-house; our pathologists also provide peer review for external studies.

Battelle’s Life Sciences Research group can conduct traditional pre-clinical / non-clinical IND-directed studies as well as chronic and carcinogenicity projects. We go beyond the traditional with exploratory / mechanistic studies, such as in-depth safety pharmacology to evaluate cardiac risk of chemotherapeutic agents to allow our customers to de-risk their development efforts sooner in the development process. Our Biomarkers group has worked with a number of clients to develop and implement new assays. Our laboratories are GLP compliant, and we conduct both GLP and non-GLP studies.

Battelle Life Sciences Research works with private industry, government-funded initiatives, plus a broad range of federal and state agencies in the advancement of human health and safety. Our commercial clients range from the very large to mid-size pharma companies to small biotechs and startups. We conduct drug safety studies / toxicology studies, related analytical chemistry and bioanalytical work for projects including small-molecule therapeutics, biologics, and vaccines, plus crop protection and environmental health and safety studies. Our device group offers human-centric device design engineering services for devices such as auto-injectors, enabling our clients to develop integrated drug & delivery solutions.

Battelle’s mission as directed by the will of our founder Gordon Battelle is the advancement of science for the betterment of humanity. In our Life Sciences Research group, our commitment to our clients is the timely and professional advancement of their drug development programs.

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