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Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: 781-569-5959
Location: Woburn, MA

SCIVAX is a Nanotechnology based company, featuring Nanoimprinting.

Our 3D Spheroid Culture platform, NanoCulture® Plate (NCP) has nanoimprinted micro-patterns on the standard micro-titer plate, which cells use as a scaffold and form 3D spheroids using almost same technique with the monolayer cell culture. NCP is ready and easy to use in micro plate format, which does not require matrix to form spheroids.

We have confirmed over 100 cell types to form spheroids on our NCP. We are also expanding the application from cancer cell lines to primary cells, stem cells, liver cells, iPS/ES cells, etc. Various data and information which imply that the spheroids cultured on NCP mimic in vivo environment, such as hypoxia region in cancer spheroids, is available for your assistance.

Further to NanoCulture® Plate, we proved 3D spheroid culture platform such as cell culture medium, reagents and equipments are available and also under development. Please visit our website ( or contact us for further information.

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