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Seahorse Bioscience Inc.

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (978) 671-1600
Fax: (978) 671-1611
Location: North Billerica, MA

Founded in 2001, Seahorse Bioscience is the world leader in instrumentation and assay kits for measuring cell metabolism. Seahorse XF technology, including XF Analyzers and stress test kits provide the easiest, most advanced, and comprehensive assessment of cell metabolism available in a microplate today.

This knowledge is enabling scientists to better understand the connection of physiological traits of cells with genomic and proteomic data, leading to a greater understanding and new treatments of disease in areas such as neurodegeneration, aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cell physiology, toxicology & hepatobiology,
immunology, infectious diseases, mitochondrial diseases, model organisms, obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders, screening, and translational medicine.

Seahorse Bioscience is headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, U.S., and has regional offices in Copenhagen, Denmark; and Shanghai, China.

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