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Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer

Category: Disease Foundation
Phone: (781) 789-5413
Location: Hanover, Massachusetts

Visit the Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer website,, to see how we plan to help cancer patients. Currently we raise funds through companies and individuals donating computers (, lab equipment (, and medical equipment ( Please direct your IT, Lab, or Office manager to donate your unused equipment today.

SMCAC's Mission and Vision:

The Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer (SMCAC) is an unbiased non-profit organization of cancer patients, activists, and experts that provide:

•An innovative web site with Cancer type specific information for patients and their loved ones.

•The ability to meet patients with the same cancer through our new patient social network in the SMCAC web site community.

•Unity of the Scientific and Medical community devoted to understanding and beating cancer.

•Their knowledge and creativity will be synergized through real time web site communication.

•Free access to computer kiosks or workstations in chemotherapy clinics, radiation therapy clinics, and oncologist waiting rooms where patients and loved ones can access the SMCAC web site.

The organization was founded by scientific and medical professionals that have survived cancer and their friends.

Our first project will investigate a rare childhood cancer (orphan) towards creation of a therapeutic.

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