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Pronutria, Inc.

Category: Agricultural / Industrial Biotechnology
Phone: (617) 868-0949
Fax: (617) 441-6243
Location: Cambridge, MA

Pronutria has developed a revolutionary life science platform based on identifying and optimizing protein nutrients from the human diet with unique pharmacological functions, opening a vast, untapped source of safe breakthrough medicines and dietary supplements that can transform the lives of millions. Pharmaconutrients, which are pharmacologically active nutrients, are a validated class of health products wherein nutrients from the human diet have drug-like efficacy. Pronutria's platform leverages a wealth of advanced biotechnology tools typically applied to drug development, that, as applied to food for the first time, have allowed for the discovery and production of a large family of pharmaconutrients. Specifically, the company is developing pharmacologically active protein nutrients, ProNutreins™, selected from the company’s proprietary library containing billions of proteins from the human diet. Families of ProNutreins™ with specific pharmacologic efficacy and functional characteristics are selectively identified from within the library and will be marketed as medicines, medical foods and dietary supplements for those seeking to improve their health and more safely treat many health issues, including diseases of aging, metabolism, and inflammation, and those diseases where poor nutrition contributes substantially to poor recovery and decline.

ProNutreins™ are naturally occurring, orally consumed protein nutrients that trigger pharmacologic benefits through precise and reproducible delivery of amino acids. The Company’s lead ProNutrein™ programs are ready to begin human trials in muscle metabolism, pre-diabetes and obesity. By tapping into the enormous power of amino acid pharmacology, and a large library of protein products that delivers it, Pronutria will build pharmaconutrients as a major new class of medical and health products. Pronutria was founded in 2010 by VentureLabs, the Innovation Foundry at Flagship Ventures.

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