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BioPhysics Assay Laboratory, Inc. (BioPAL)

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (508) 770-1190
Fax: (508) 770-1191
Location: Worcester, MA

BioPhysics Assay Laboratory, Inc. (BioPAL) technologies include:

Immunoassays for measuring renal GFR in drug discovery and development and as a confirmatory renal function test.

MRI contrast agents, both iron and gadolinium-based nanoparticles have been produced. These nanoparticles can be used as drug delivery devices as well. Other contrast agents are also available.

Cell labeling and tracking by MRI contrast agents and fluorescence. Quantification of labeled cell number in vivo by neutron activation. Ideal for assisting in the development of cellular therapy.

Molecular imaging and tracking technology (MITT) for tracking molecules in vivo by MRI and immunoassay. Molecules are tagged with an MRI contrast agent.

Microspheres for blood flow and particle deposition studies, BioPAL specializes in high-precision alternatives to traditional, radiolabeled life science products. Our
products are labeled with stable (non-radioactive) isotopes and are used in an analogous fashion to their radioactive counterpart. The analysis of stable tracer(s) in samples of interest is performed by BioPAL using neutron activation technology.

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