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Velesco Pharmaceutical Service

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (734) 546-1541
Location: Plymouth, MI

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services provides contract research and manufacturing services to pharmaceutical companies.

Velesco was formed by former Pfizer R&D colleagues and specializes in formulation, analytical method development/validation, early phase GMP clinical supplies and consulting services. Velesco works with state of the art equipment in a high-quality (former-Pfizer) laboratory facility. Velesco delivers on time quality lab research, assistance with the FDA registration process and insightful consultation. Velesco's founders, analytical chemists and drug formulation experts have worked on over 100 drug development projects and our analytical and formulation laboratory services are designed to ensure pharmaceutical companies reach the full therapeutic potential of their compounds. Every drug development project encounters its share of obstacles that can cause delays at best or failure at worst. The Velesco team has the experience to overcome these obstacles and keep your compound on track.

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