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Nuclea Biotechnologies

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (413) 749-4705
Fax: (413) 445-9930
Location: Pittsfield, MA

Nuclea Biomarkers, LLC is a biotechnology services company that has developed a novel technology platform to improve greatly the efficiency of drug discovery research. Nuclea is a leader in expression analysis-based biomarker development. Using the Company's extensive library of genetic, molecular, and outcomes data and data-mining services, research professionals in pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are able to focus time and money on the most promising paths for diagnosing and treating a broad range of diseases. By focusing on the genetic and proteomic properties of a tumor, Nuclea is able to unlock essential information on the risk of cancerous spread, cancer recurrence, the response to certain drugs or the primary site of a tumor.

In addition, Nuclea's expertise in genomic and proteomic profiling offers opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to improve their drug development tracks.

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