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Colpitts World Travel

Category: Transportation & Specialty Shipping Services
Phone: 781-326-7800
Fax: (781) 461-6718
Location: Norwood MA, MA

MassBio's Primary Supplier for Travel Management Services. Discount on transaction fees and select carriers. MassBio members save 30% on agent assisted transaction fees, over 50% on online booking transaction fees, 20 – 40% on airfare, 32% on select hotels, 10 – 20% on car rental and ground transportation, 10 – 15% on Amtrak and special rates for group and leisure travel. There is a team of MassBio Corporate Travel Consultants housed in Colpitts' headquarters with a dedicated MassBio phone extension and email address.

Contact: Jeff Brown, Vice President, Sales, 781-326-7800,

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