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Cisbio US Inc.

Category: Research Products & Instrumentation
Phone: (888) 963-4567
Fax: (781) 687-1298
Location: Bedford, MA

Cisbio International is a privately held innovative company committed to improving human healthcare with more than 50 years of experience in the fields of therapy, medical diagnostic and drug discovery fields. As a company we are passionate about providing products and services of only the highest quality. What's more we take pride in offering added value to our clients through individual attention and collaborative partnerships providing creative solutions to the challenges they face.

Our dedication to quality was initially put to use in the field of in vitro diagnostics where Cisbio developed the first products for radioimmunoassays. This fundamental principle is also demonstrated by our investment 20 years ago to establish in-house means of producing our own monoclonal antibodies for use in our diagnostic assays and more recently in our HTRF® product lines.

Our expertise in immunoassays was combined with the results of Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn's research on rare earth fluorescence properties (Nobel prize in Chemistry, 1987) leading to the creation of HTRF® technology. Today, in conjunction with our extensive network of partners, the Cisbio R&D teams continue to develop HTRF® enhancements and new applications to meet the ever evolving needs of the scientific community. We believe our background in immunoassay development, TR-FRET chemistry and quality manufacturing principles provide a unique combination of strengths that enables Cisbio to continually introduce innovative products.

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