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Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Category: Drug Development
Phone: (781) 274-8200
Fax: (781) 274-8228
Location: Lexington, MA

Synta Pharmaceuticals Corp. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing small molecule drugs to extend and enhance the lives of patients with severe medical conditions, including cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. Synta has a unique chemical compound library, an integrated discovery engine, and a diverse pipeline of clinical- and preclinical-stage drug candidates with distinct mechanisms of action and novel chemical structures. All Synta drug candidates were invented by Synta scientists using our compound library and discovery capabilities. The lead program at Synta is STA-9090 is a potent, second-generation, small molecule Hsp90 inhibitor that has shown strong activity in a broad range of preclinical solid and hematologic cancer models, including models highly resistant to treatment. The chemical structure of STA-9090 is unrelated to the first generation, ansamycin family of Hsp90 inhibitors (e.g., 17-AAG or IPI-504). STA-9090 inhibits heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90), a chaperone that regulates numerous proteins that drive proliferation in cancer cells, in particular kinases. STA-9090 is currently being evaluated in eight clinical trials: four Phase 2 trials in solid tumor cancers – non-small cell lung cancer, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, colon cancer, gastric cancer; two trials in hematologic cancers; and two Phase 1 solid tumor trials. Trials in colon cancer and gastric cancer are investigator-sponsored.

Synta retains all rights, in all indications and markets for STA-9090 and the following drug candidates and programs which include elesclomol, an oxidative stress inducer for the treatment of cancer and an IL-12/23 inhibitor. In addition; we are developing STA-9584, a vascular disrupting agent currently in preclinical development.

Synta has a global partnership with Roche for developing novel CRACM inhibitors - an oral calcium released activated calcium modulator ion channel inhibitor program that is in the lead optimization stage for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

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