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T2 Biosystems, Inc.

Category: Human Diagnostic Development
Phone: (781) 457-1200
Fax: (617) 876-1608
Location: Lexington, MA

Bringing medical diagnosis where it belongs.

T2 Biosystems has created superior decentralized molecular diagnostic tests and systems using a proprietary detection system that will take the rapid diagnosis and treatment of disease to the next level.

T2 Biosystems' proven technology provides qualitative and quantitative measurement of an analyte in a dirty sample such as whole blood. This unique, non-optical detector, which combines magnetic resonance with nanoparticles and molecular probes (including antibodies, nucleic acids, peptides and more) delivers many benefits, including:

¦Performing rapid testing for pathogens that currently require days for a culture result– such as fungus and bacteria.
¦Delivering a high level of accuracy and speed with central lab quality results, regardless of the setting.
¦Perform both molecular and immunodiagnostics on the same instrument.
¦Eliminate manual sample preparation, including DNA purification

T2 Biosystems' initial portfolio of products will save lives through nucleic acid assays that detect fungal and bacterial infections, as well as complementary immunodiagnostics. All of the tests can be run on one instrument in the lab, the clinic, or the physician’s office to provide new and improved diagnostic data to inform clinical decision-making.

About our Name:
T2 refers to how water molecules react in the presence of magnetic fields. This is what our technology measures to detect target substances in solution and is why our name is T2 Biosystems.

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