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Sample6 Technologies, Inc.

Category: Agricultural / Industrial Biotechnology
Phone: (617) 393-7600
Location: Boston, MA

Sample6 is a fast moving biotech start up using cutting edge synthetic biology and data driven approaches to bring innovation to secure the global food chain.

We are making food safer by delivering two powerful tools to the food industry, Sample6 DETECT and Sample6 CONTROL.

Sample6 CONTROL is our revolutionary environmental monitoring software. This web-based solution lets you easily schedule, monitor, and audit your safety program across your entire operation. Digital floor-mapping and analytics provide a clear view to keep you ahead of problems.

Sample6 DETECT/L is our company's first diagnostic assay and quickly identifies Listeria species contamination in food processing environments. It is the only in-shift, enrichment-free AOAC Listeria species assay and dramatically reduces the time needed to conduct accurate tests. Designed with a focus on rapid detection and ease of use, the entire test only takes a few minutes of hands-on time per sample and delivers results onsite in less than eight hours -- a single production shift.

By pairing Sample6 DETECT/L and Sample6 CONTROL, we are shifting food safety from reaction to prevention.

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