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Feinstein Kean Healthcare

Category: Marketing / Communication
Phone: (617) 761-6791
Fax: (617) 577-8985
Location: Cambridge, MA

Feinstein Kean Healthcare (FKH) is the preeminent strategy and communication partner for world-class organizations that are transforming life sciences and medicine in the 21st century. FKH has been serving life science and healthcare companies for more than 25 years from its headquarters in Kendall Square in Cambridge. The company also has offices in Parsippany, New Jersey and Washington, DC. FKH is an Ogilvy company, and partners with its Ogilvy colleagues to provide services to clients on a global basis.

The firm was founded in the earliest days of the biotech revolution, and was a pioneer in establishing strategic practices for communications (corporate communications, marketing and public relations) in that formative era. To maintain its leadership and vision, FKH established the country’s first Molecular Medicine practice in 2004, which has served clients such as the National Cancer Institute; diagnostics and therapeutic innovators; policy organizations such as the Personalized Medicine Coalition and PhRMA; and prestigious educational institutions such as Harvard, MIT and Duke.

FKH has a full range of services that help clients to drive commercialization of their products, form partnerships, build coalitions with stakeholders, and improve the landscape with impact on policy.

Today, FKH has clients from the government, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biotech, non-profit, and academic sectors. The firm continues to break new ground and is positioned at the intersection where innovative approaches, transformative technologies and ideas affect business models, public policy, and public opinion for the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

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