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SBH Sciences, Inc.

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (508) 650-6218 x214
Fax: (508) 650-6220
Location: Natick, MA
Therapeutic Areas: Autoimmune/Inflammatory, Cancer/Oncology

SBH Sciences is a preclinical CRO based in Boston metro west providing biology products and services in support of small molecule and large molecule therapeutic and diagnostic programs in oncology, inflammation and other human diseases. SBH Sciences specializes in in vitro pharmacology through cell-based assays and biologics production, and has been a part of the Massachusetts biotech community since 1997, serving over 120 customers, globally. SBH is a major supplier of cytokines and antibody-related cytokines, among other clinically-important biologics, and related services include cytokine potency assays and other biosimilar characterization tests.
SBH Sciences partners actively with other service specialists and through these partner networks, SBH Sciences customers can access a full range of discovery and preclinical capabilities. SBH Sciences recently announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Woodland Pharmaceuticals to create a new business entity: Woodland Biosciences, which extends SBH’s discovery capabilities to in vivo disease modeling. Woodland Biosciences now offers in vivo animal efficacy modeling in Massachusetts, including human cancer cell-line and patient-derived tumor xenograft models, including PK/PD analyses with safety-related animal studies available through the partner’s Quebec connections.
SBH Sciences and Woodland Pharmaceuticals have also partnered to form Woodland Translational Research Canada, which is a co-recipient of $15 million funding from the Canadian Government to develop methods and processes for better patient cancer treatment. The approach combines genetic analyses with preclinical trial design in what is referred to as “Mouse Avatar” technology where patient tumors are grown and analyzed for drug sensitivity in mice, in parallel with the patient. This methodology enables a real-time screening test for direct drug comparison testing that is impossible when the test subject is a single, live person in the clinical setting.
SBH Sciences has made substantial investments in biomarker analysis capabilities, through its partner SBH Diagnostics. Key among the expanding capabilities is a new Peggy Sue by Simple Western that enables rapid and high throughput 2-D western analysis of ultra-small protein samples by either charge or size in an automated 96 well capillary format. Coupled with SBH’s automated ELISA, Luminex and traditional westerns this suite of capabilities rounds out their biomarker service portfolio.
Our array of cytokine bioassay services is the most comprehensive in the US and includes over 280 bioassays that can accelerate discovery and biopharma development programs. Moreover, our proprietary processes have achieved commercial production of 31 highly purified recombinant cytokines, 8 enzymes and 35 monoclonal antibodies, currently sold to the scientific community worldwide. SBH Sciences is based in Natick, MA.

Our Innovative Process Development Solutions offer unique opportunity to utilize our capabilities including:
- One-stop sourcing of your complete pharmacology needs from hit –to-lead and lead optimization through efficacy and mechanism IND-enabling studies as well as companion biomarkers and diagnostics.

- Cellular Biology (e.g., transient and stable mammalian cell transfection, select clones and demonstrate expression).

- Cell Culture (e.g., serum-free media optimization, adaptation to suspension, production of cell lysates).

- Protein Recovery and Purification (e.g., optimizing cross flow filtration, streamline chromatography, eliminate solvent utilization).

- Analytical assay (e.g., HPLC, ELISA, Luminex, Multiplex, Western).

- Cell-Based assay (e.g., proliferation and neutralization bioassay, agonist and antagonist screening, ADCC).

- Mid-scale production and purification of drug substance for preclinical study.

Working with SBH Sciences offers several key elements to improve your outcomes:
- Streamlining of your process
- Significant reduction of development time
- Increasing yield while maintaining exceptional purity of the final product

We assure strict confidentiality and superior execution which will be delivered on a timely basis and cost effective manner. SBH Sciences is determined to maintain the highest standards and deliver the highest quality products and services. SBH Sciences welcomes suggestions from researchers and encourage you to communicate with us about your particular research needs.

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