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MDI Biological Laboratory

Category: Non-Profit Research Institute
Phone: (207) 288-9880
Fax: (207) 288-2130
Location: Salisbury Cove, ME

The MDI Biological Laboratory is an independent, non-profit biomedical research institution located in Salisbury Cove, Maine. Our research programs are focused on defining the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying tissue repair and regeneration and have the potential to impact the treatment of a broad range of diseases as well as conditions of aging.

Our scientists utilize multiple genetically tractable model organisms including zebrafish and C. elegans as well as diverse cell systems. This unique concentration of expertise and diverse models allows for the use of experimental systems that are best suited to the problem under study, that speed the discovery process, and that greatly reduce research costs. These diverse model systems also provide powerful experimental platforms for small molecule screening, identification of lead drug candidates and drug target validation.

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