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Millennium Research Laboratories, Inc.

Category: Contract Research & Manufacturing
Phone: (781) 935-0790
Location: Woburn, MA

Millennium Research Laboratories (MRL) is a small business incorporated in the State of Massachusetts founded in 2002 by an entrepreneur group that possess decades of combined experience in the fields of drug discovery and development, advanced materials, and polymer science. MRL's facility is located in Woburn, MA. MRL offers a wide range of services and expertise in scientific, technical, manufacturing, quality control, and regulatory fields. Some of MRL’s services related to Pharmaceutical and Biotech projects are as:

• Analytical Methods Development and Validation
• Quality Control Testing of Raw Materials, Process Intermediates and Finished Products
• Drug Substance and Drug Product Stability Studies
• Synthetic Chemistry/Synthesis of Impurity markers
• Characterization Services (Drug Substance/Drug Product and Reference Standards)
• Preformulation and Formulation Evaluations

MRL develops and validates customized analytical methods and procedures as needed to meet client’s specific needs. MRL assists in developing product specifications that fully describe and control the quality of a product.

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