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Location: Boston, MA

Children's is home to the world's largest research enterprise based at a pediatric hospital. More than 1,100 scientists, including nine members of the National Academy of Sciences, 11 on-staff members of the Institute of Medicine and 9 members of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, comprise our research community. Current initiatives have attracted a record $225 million in annual funding, including more federal funding than any other pediatric facility.

Children's Hospital Boston's world-renowned research and clinical excellence make us a partner of choice for projects at all stages of research and development. From early stage basic science research through translational development of validated concepts to licensing of patented innovations and clinical investigation for regulatory approval of new products-Children's Hospital is committed to bringing cutting edge technology and treatments to the public and patients world wide.

It is the mission of the Technology and Innovation Development Office (TIDO) to translate the laboratory and clinical research excellence of Children's Hospital Boston into products for the public benefit.

TIDO utilizes a three pronged approach to accomplish this mission:

With an annual research base of ~ $225M, Children's Hospital researchers generate an average of 140 new invention disclosures per year. These innovations are evaluated by the Patents and Licensing Group for patentability and ultimately marketed and licensed to strong and committed commercial partners. This has generated 211 active licenses and numerous products currently on the market-generating ~$10M in gross revenue per year that fuels the research enterprise and further innovation.

With approximately 200 collaborations with industry over the past five years, Children's Hospital has become a partner of choice for companies wishing to collaborate with our nationally recognized researchers and clinicians. Business Development within TIDO enables R&D collaborations with industry partners by matching parties with complementary objectives and resources-creating partnerships at all stages of research, development, and pre-clinical and clinical investigation.

Children's Hospital Boston launched a Technology Development Fund in early 2009 aimed at advancing the stage of development of promising Children's Hospital technologies. With an external advisory board of industry leaders in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic product development and a network of development partners and contract research organizations (CROs)-Children's Hospital is investing in the discoveries and innovations of its researchers to translate them into products.

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