Nanobiosym CEO Dr. Anita Goel and Former UK PM Tony Blair Tackle Global Challenges at Novartis Forum

June 10, 2011

MADRID, Spain – Nanobiosym® Chairman and CEO Dr. Anita Goel, MD, PhD and Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered keynote addresses at the annual Novartis Forum for Excellence in Spain on June 2, 2011. Mr. Blair outlined five key challenges facing our planet today, while Dr. Goel unveiled game-changing nanotechnology solutions in development by Nanobiosym to address the most pressing global challenges in healthcare, energy and the environment.

The Novartis Forum for Excellence exemplifies the Novartis commitment to research, development, and commercialization of innovation and excellence in business.  According to Francisco Ballester, CEO of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, "Innovation and commitment will always come with leadership. These leaders have a visionary, different attitude and ideas that shine." Times of great uncertainty demand leaders that can articulate a clear vision for the future. One that defines us, unites us and inspires us. This fourth Novartis forum was held in the framework of ExpoManagement, the largest management conference in Spain where elite business leaders gather to discuss the latest challenges and innovations in science, technology and social responsibility.

Considered one of the world’s most influential global leaders, Mr. Blair addressed the key challenges facing the world today, including, managing the new interdependent global economy, energy supply security, peace in the Middle East, a new direction for Europe and the emergence of China. Mr. Blair highlighted the need for leadership in science and technology to accelerate sustainable development across the globe. 

One of the world’s top science and technology innovators, Dr. Anita Goel showcased nanotechnology-enabled solutions that she and Nanobiosym are developing to address some of the most pressing global challenges. A Harvard-MIT trained physicist and physician, and an internationally recognized nanotechnology expert and entrepreneur, Dr. Goel unveiled some of Nanobiosym’s breakthrough technologies like Gene-RADAR®, a nanotechnology device platform that reduces the infrastructure required for diagnosing diseases from a centralized pathology lab to a mobile device much like a cellphone. She invited the audience to join the Nanobiosym Global Innovation Ecosystem to help scale up these game-changing technologies and collectively tackle the largest problems facing our planet today. “I believe that science and technology alone, no matter how game-changing, are not enough. We need to raise the consciousness with which we deploy these technologies across the globe.” She also outlined a roadmap to harness nanotechnology to drive the new global economy defining key leadership roles that Europe and the United States, as well as emerging economies can play.

Inspired by the underlying unity of nature, Dr. Goel embarked upon a quest over 15 years ago to bring the worlds of physics and biomedicine together using nanotechnology – the ability to probe and control nature at very small scales- less than a billionth of a meter. “We already have the tools within science and technology to address many of the world’s problems today such as access to healthcare, sustainable supplies of energy, food and water.” Dr. Goel urged the need for a more holistic approach that transcends the conventional boundaries between various fields of science, technology, industries and geopolitics, enabling new quantum leaps in how we solve global problems. 

About Nanobiosym. Nanobiosym® (NBS) is an innovation engine dedicated to creating a new science that emerges from the holistic integration of physics, biomedicine, and nanotechnology. NBS focuses on incubating transformational technologies that have the potential for game-changing impact and commercializing and scaling up these technologies for deployment in developed and developing world markets. NBS leverages science and technology to address our planet’s greatest unmet needs in global health, energy and the environment. Nanobiosym® Diagnostics (NBSDx) focuses on the commercialization of the Gene-RADAR®, a portable nanotechnology platform that can rapidly and accurately detect genetic fingerprints from any biological organism, empowering people worldwide with rapid, affordable, and portable diagnostic information about their own health. To maximize global humanitarian impact, Dr. Goel has spearheaded the Nanobiosym Global Initiative, which is building innovative public-private partnerships with governments, NGOs, academic, industrial and global thought leaders to help bring emerging technologies to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


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