Courtagen Introduces Genomic Profiling Services in their Newly Licensed CLIA Lab

March 29, 2012

-- Lead Genetic Tests Utilize Next-Generation Sequencing and Proprietary
Ziphyr™ Bioinformatics Platform to Diagnose Mitochondrial Disease --

WOBURN, Mass., March 29, 2012 -- Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., a privately held life sciences
company that provides innovative proteomic and genomic products and services to the life
sciences industry, today announced the introduction of their first genetic tests using next
generation sequencing (NGS) technology, propriety bioinformatics platform and highly
annotated, analytic capabilities to diagnose mitochondrial disease in children and adults. The
Courtagen tests, which are designed to be highly sensitive, efficient and comprehensive, will
address the significant need for a quicker, less invasive and more reliable diagnostic tool for this
patient population. The company will expand the menu of test options later this year ultimately
offering a combination of multiplex proteomic and NGS genomic assays, utilizing Illumina’s
MiSeq® and HiSeq® platforms, as they continue rapid expansion of capabilities. Later this
year, Courtagen intends to release the first version of its “omics app” that will enhance their
physician client’s ability to quickly and easily incorporate the company’s proteomic and genomic
testing results into the medical evaluation process.

Mitochondrial disease denotes a large group of disorders caused by dysfunctional mitochondria,
which are generally the result of genetic mutation. In these disorders, the body lacks the ability
to produce adequate energy to perform all of its functions. The body systems most dependent on
this energy are the brain, muscle, heart, kidneys and liver. Courtagen’s initial tests,
mtSEEKPDx™, use next-generation sequencing technologies to complete a deep heteroplasmy
analysis of the Mitochondrial DNA genome involved in mitochondrial function and energy

“Courtagen is committed to building a dynamic life sciences company leveraging our
unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise in genomic sequencing and proteomic platforms,”
said Brian McKernan, Chief Executive Officer of Courtagen Life Sciences. “We believe our
initial genetic tests for Mitochondrial disease will provide a clinical meaningful tool to healthcare
providers and patients, and will be the first step in our goal to enable precision medicine –
diagnostics that are truly person-centered and multifaceted. I am extremely proud of the rapid
progress the Courtagen team has made on moving our both our proteomic and genomic initiatives

Courtagen recently received certification from the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services' Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Clinical Laboratory
Improvement Amendments (CLIA) of 1988 for its genomic sequencing laboratory in Woburn,
Massachusetts and has also achieved Massachusetts State Licensing, enabling the company to
begin processing clinical samples from most states. Courtagen is one of the few commercial
service laboratories in the country that has received CLIA certification for Next-Generation
Sequencing assays. Courtagen is also pursuing certification in the states of Maryland, Rhode
Island, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California.

About Mitochondrial Disease
According to my, Mitochondrial disease is a chronic, genetic disorder that occurs
when the mitochondria of the cell fails to produce enough energy for cell or organ function.
About one in 4,000 children in the United States will develop mitochondrial disease by the age of
10 years. This is similar to the incidence of cystic fibrosis among Caucasian births in the U.S.
There are many forms of mitochondrial disease, it is inherited in a number of different ways, and
presents very differently from individual to individual. There may be one affected individual in a
family or several affected over a number of generations. Lack of understanding of the disease and
misinterpretation of symptoms can lead to misdiagnosis and further progression of symptoms can
occur if the symptoms are missed and opportunities for treatment and support are not recognized.

About Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc.
Courtagen Life Sciences is a privately held life science company that provides innovative
proteomic and genomic products and services to the Life Sciences industry. Founded by
innovators in next-generation sequencing (NGS), genetics, molecular biology, and information
science, our company delivers tools that enable researchers and clinicians to make better
decisions regarding drug development and patient care. Courtagen provides proteomic and
genomic solutions through its various operating divisions. More information can be found at
Elizabeth Holland
Vice President
Maureen L. Suda (Media)
Suda Communications LLC, 585-387-9248
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