PX'Therapeutics and Mymetics Corporation announce partnership

June 1, 2009

PX'Therapeutics to provide Mymetics Corporation (USA/Switzerland) specific know-how for the production of a recombinant protein key in a novel preventive vaccine against HIV/AIDS.

Grenoble, France and Nyons, Switzerland - May, 28th 2009 - After seven years of collaboration, PX'Therapeutics (formerly known as Protein'eXpert) and Mymetics Corporation have announced the signature of an agreement based on the transfer of know-how for the production of a recombinant protein representing a key component of a preventive vaccine against HIV/AIDS. According to the terms of this agreement, Mymetics Corporation has acquired from PX'Therapeutics the access to specialist expertise in the production of an engineered recombinant antigen (property of Mymetics) derived from the viral GP41 protein.

The vaccinal strategy developed by Mymetics is based upon the observation that some individuals are naturally resistant to HIV infection. As a matter of fact, it has been known for over a decade that prostitutes from Kenya and Cambodia, despite prolonged and ongoing exposure to the virus, remain seronegative. This natural resistance may be explained by the presence of specific neutralizing antibodies in vaginal or rectal secretions. The vaccinal formulation developed by Mymetics induces the production of antibodies of the same kind: in other words, the scientific approach mimics a natural phenomenon.

"Mymetics recently concluded a proof of concept on macaques, which are genetically close to humans with exceptional results. Upon viral challenge, the most rigorous test for the evaluation of a vaccine efficacy, the vaccinated monkeys remained protected or controlled the infection to the extent that the viral levels in the blood were low to undetectable levels. Contrary to that the non vaccinated animals were all found to be infected with the virus" stated Christian Rochet, President and CEO of Mymetics.

"The signature of this agreement with Mymetics represents the conclusion of a lot of work performed on the GP41 protein engineering. We are happy to have contributed to the generation of a fully trimeric, soluble and stable form of the recombinant antigen, which represents a strategic element of the vaccine candidate. We are also very pleased to accompany Mymetics up to the preclinical and clinical manufacturing phases" declares Tristan Rousselle, CEO of PX'Therapeutics.

About PX'Therapeutics
PX'Therapeutics, located in Grenoble (France), offers early stage research and cGMP manufacturing contracts focusing on the development of protein therapeutics, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant vaccines. PX'Therapeutics proposes custom programmes targeting the generation of murine antibodies, humanization of therapeutic antibodies, protein engineering and optimization, feasibility studies, process development or small scale clinical manufacturing.

PX'Therapeutics has been playing a key role in the discovery, development and production of target or therapeutic proteins, with over 500 projects performed so far. The company has then accumulated a specific and acknowleged expertise in the field of difficult-to-express proteins and developed trusted relationships with more than 140 biotech and pharmaceutical partners and clients in Europe and North America.

PX'Therapeutics is also involved in the development of numerous recombinant antigens addressing different human and veterinary infectious diseases. This has led to the set up of innovative know-how and technologies for which the company can grant non exclusive licence or licence for transfer of specific production process as this is the case for the partnerships with Mymetics.

Christelle Dagoneau
Business Development Director
+33 4 38 02 36 50

About Mymetics Corporation

Mymetics is a vaccine company focused on malaria and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV/AIDS). The prophylactic vaccines developed combine innovative antigen engineering, minimal human protein homologies, and virosome technology. The strategy retained is to develop vaccines that elicit protection for preventing early transmission events taking place within the first hours following exposure, such as the mucosal entry of pathogens, as well as against later events.

In parallel of the excellent results obtained with the vaccine candidate against AIDS/HIV, Mymetics has successfully completed Phase I clinical trial in Switzerland and is currently completing Phase Ib in Tanzania with children and teenagers.

Christian Rochet, CEO, Mymetics Corp.
Tél. (+41) 22 363.13.08


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