ProteomicFx Launches Website And Groundbreaking Kinase Assay

May 17, 2013

World’s first in vivo kinase assay, delivers physiologically relevant data

MAY 17th 2013, CAMBRIDGE MA – Today, ProteomicFx announced the launch of its new website,, and has begun taking orders for its Kohde Kinase Assay.

The technology was developed in Dr. Susan Lindquist’s laboratory at MIT’s Whitehead Institute and is the first of its kind to be performed inside a living cell, offering the pharmaceutical and biotech communities a physiologically relevant tool in the evaluation of target compounds. Because its “hits” are required to enter cells, bind targets, and affect folding, the data generated is more valuable than in vitro kinase assays on the market today. Additional benefits include:

  • the ability to screen for agonists and antagonists simultaneously without biasing towards active site compound binding,
  • the identification of ATP-pocket and allosteric binding compounds equivalently well as the assay is agnostic to small molecule binding location,
  • the capable of interrogating both full-length, mutant, and translocation-fusion proteins.

ProteomicFx uses a fully automated process to reproducibly execute small and large batch screens, providing customers with physiologically relevant data allowing investigators to better understand the properties of lead compounds and predict how these drugs will behave as a therapeutic agent inside the human body.

CEO Dr. Chris Pacheco is encouraged by the initial reaction of the pharma and biotech communities. “By flipping the traditional target-focused approach on its head and screening small molecules against 560 kinases and mutant targets, ProteomicFx unlocks powerful information about a drug company’s compounds which is otherwise hidden to them. I’m excited by the initial response to our Kohde Kinase Assay, and I’m looking forward to developing this platform for other protein:protein interactions.”


For more information, contact:

Marshall Chapin


Twitter: @ProteomicFx


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