RainDance Technologies and CLC bio Collaborate to Develop Specialized Software Solutions for Targeted Resequencing

September 17, 2009

Lexington, Massachusetts, U.S.A., and Aarhus, Denmark - RainDance Technologies and CLC bio today announced a partnership to develop specialized software for the analysis of targeted resequencing data generated by workflows incorporating RainDance's Sequence Enrichment Solution and next-generation DNA sequencing platforms.

"The rapid and efficient analysis of genomic data plays an important role in searching for the variants in large populations that cause cancer and other devastating diseases," said Christopher McNary, President and Chief Executive Officer, RainDance Technologies. "By partnering with CLC bio, we can supply researchers with a solution that leverages the power of our innovative microdroplet-based technology to provide the highest-quality results in a simple yet powerful workflow. This capability will help accelerate the advent of personalized medicine and make profound contributions to health and human disease research," he said.

CLC bio's Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Knudsen, continues, "Having decided to focus on high-throughput sequencing technologies several years ago, we're constantly monitoring the market to identify new and complementary technologies being developed. The sequence enrichment platform from RainDance Technologies is truly innovative, and we are very much looking forward to making it even more valuable in supporting the full scientific workflow of their customers. We are proud to partner with RainDance on helping global science gain new ground."

As a first step, CLC bio will release an expansion of its CLC Genomics Workbench, enabling scientists to analyze data faster and more effectively when using the RainDance solution for large-scale targeted resequencing studies. The software is already in use by RainDance scientists and will be released for commercial sale later this month.

The CLC bio/RainDance solution can be used with any next-generation sequencing workflow, giving customers the freedom to choose between the Illumina Genome Analyzer, Roche 454, or ABI SOLiD systems.

In the future, the partnership will continue to release specialized reports, data analyses, and workflow support for platform-independent targeted resequencing research that will provide additional value to RainDance customers.

To read more about CLC bio's customized solutions, go to http://www.clcbio.com/index.php?id=485 .

About RainDance Technologies, Inc.
RainDance Technologies, Inc. is a provider of innovative microdroplet-based solutions for human health and disease research. The speed and simplicity of the company's exciting new technology platform enable researchers to design experiments in ways that were previously unaffordable or unimaginable. The company's RainStorm(TM) technology produces picoliter-volume droplets at a rate of 10 million per hour. Each droplet is the functional equivalent of an individual test tube and can contain a single molecule, reaction, or cell. This versatile technology can adapt proven assays for high-speed workflows with minimized process-induced bias or error.

RainDance's initial application will focus on the targeted sequencing of the human genome â�" one of the fastest-growing segments of the $1 billion DNA sequencing market. This application will enable the high-resolution analysis of genetic variation between individuals and populations at a level unmatched by current methodology.

For more information, please visit www.raindancetech.com.

RainStorm(TM) is a trademark of RainDance Technologies, Inc.

About CLC bio


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