Comparative Effectiveness

The Issue

As a representative of an industry committed to discovering new cures and ensuring patient access to them, MassBio strongly supports efforts to increase the availability of accurate, scientific evidence to inform clinical decision-making. MassBio believes that individual patients and their doctors should be armed with the best available information to help assess the relative clinical benefits and risks of various treatment alternatives. When appropriately applied, comparative effectiveness information is a valuable tool that, together with a variety of other types of medical evidence, can contribute to improving health care delivery.

Our Position

MassBio is concerned that comparative effectiveness information may be used strictly as a means to contain costs, rather than deliver health care value by improving patient health outcomes.

We support the BIO Principles on Comparative Effectiveness.



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About MassBio

MassBio is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing the development of critical new science, technology and medicines that benefit people worldwide.

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