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Working in partnership with the MassBioEd Foundation, MassBio is committed to ensuring our member companies and the industry as a whole have access to a diverse and well-trained workforce.

Some of our programs include:


Massachusetts Life Sciences Education Consortium (MLSEC)

The new MLSEC will provide a permanent vehicle by which the biotechnology industry, educators, and trainers will address curriculum development, retraining program design, co-ops and internships, and other areas of concern.  The consortium will advocate and assist in the development of the premier life sciences workforce through a commitment between the life sciences industry and higher education.

MLSEC Purposes:

  • Actively engage industry and academic leaders in ongoing dialogue, responsive planning, and feedback to meet Massachusetts' life sciences current and long-term workforce needs
  • Advocate for the integration and alignment of academic curricula
  • Advocate and facilitate integration of experiential learning through internships and co-ops
  • Coordinate and systematize industry input for higher education curriculum design
  • Anticipate and develop strategies to meet incumbent worker training needs
  • Ensure Massachusetts workers are prepared for emerging life sciences industry positions
  • Facilitate and coordinate communication between stakeholders

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MassBioEd runs BioTeach, an ambitious teacher professional development program designed to support biotechnology instruction and career awareness activities. BioTeach

Over a six-year period, BioTeach plans to provide professional training for educators in all Massachusetts high schools, so they can access and use biotechnology curricula, expose students and teachers to career awareness activities in the life sciences, partner with schools, government, and local businesses to support scientific curiosity, increase student participation in science, and train some for a career in the life sciences.

For schools receiving the initial BioTeach grant MassBioEd provides:

  • Up to $8,800 in biotechnology laboratory equipment/supplies and consumables in year one, with re-supply of some materials in year 2 and 3.
  • A summer professional development workshop with stipends and Teacher Professional Development Points (PDP) certification upon completion
  • A winter teacher professional development workshop with stipend and PDP certification
  • Visit from a BioTeach mentor for teacher and student facilitated lab experience


Life Science Career Development (LSCD) Program

In addition to the BioTeach grant program, the LSCD Program supports the development of academic, personal, and employability skills for students pursuing careers in the life sciences at the post-secondary level.  This competitive grant is available to schools that have received the BioTeach grant.  The LSCD Program works to institutionalize a sustainable, collaborative leadership model involving guidance, administration, and science teachers working together to create this learning environment.


The Education and Workforce Development Resource Center

The MassBioEd website supports science and biotechnology education in Massachusetts by providing an online resource center for educators, students, educational institutions, and biotechnology companies.

The MassBioEd Resource Center is designed to develop and support online strategic partnerships among high schools, colleges, and universities and the biotechnology industry.  By identifying and sharing resources, today's leaders in academia and the field can help create a biotechnology-literate populace, prepare the industry workforce, and develop the industry leaders of tomorrow.


Cancer Research Challenge

Working with the American Cancer Society (ACS), MassBio issued an unprecedented $1.4 million cancer research challenge to life science companies to fund the region's most promising postdoctoral fellowships.  The goal of the challenge is to fund 12 three-year ACS postdoctoral fellowships worth $140,000 each. MassBio members AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, and EMD Serono, Inc. generously stepped forward with the lead commitments to each fund a three-year ACS fellowship.

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