MLSEC Endorsed Biotechnology Programs

These programs have met the criteria set for by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Education Consortium. They have also proven their curricula align with MLSEC's core competencies, developed by a working group of leaders from academic and the biotechnology industry.


Berkshire Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

Middlesex Community College

Mt. Wachusett Community College

Northern Essex Community College

Quinsigamond Community College

Roxbury Community College

Springfield Technical Community College


Berkshire Community College

Associate in Arts- Biotechnology Concentration                 SILVER

Biotechnology is an expanding field which blends life sciences and engineering. It is a well-established yet, at the same time, fast developing and diverse field. The biotechnology concentration offers skills and knowledge in medical, agricultural, environmental and chemical biotechnology, providing a strong foundation in subject matter, applications and methodology of the field. The curriculum prepares for employment as well as transfer into baccalaureate programs.

Berkshire Community College’s biotechnology program is closely linked to baccalaureate programs in the region and coordinated with academic institutions and biotechnological industry in the Commonwealth. The College's variety of science courses provides a solid foundation and allows students to add special focus. Individually tailored internships help prepare students for their chosen career.



Bunker Hill Community College

Associate in Science- Biotechnology Option            SILVER

Bunker Hill Community College’s Biotechnology program is an option within the Associate in Science Degree, Biological Sciences Program. The Biotechnology option provides students with a rigorous academic background that covers the concepts, methodology and techniques of cell biology, genetics, cell culture, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and bioinformatics. Laboratory courses emphasize key subjects through inquiry-based investigations, experimental design, optimization of experimental procedures and data interpretation. Students use research quality laboratory equipment to master the laboratory techniques commonly used in biotechnology, cell culture, protein purification and recombinant DNA technology. In addition students receive extensive hands-on, industry-specific laboratory skills, including aseptic technique, media preparation, quality control/GMP, documentation and validation. The program highlights “job readiness” and reinforces the importance of communication, organization, teamwork and time management.

Students are assisted with the internship application process and are strongly encouraged to complete an internship prior to graduation. Graduates of this program may transfer to four-year colleges and universities to pursue their studies in biotechnology or other life sciences. Students also qualify for entry level positions in a wide range of biotechnology disciplines. (Total credits 63-64).



Middlesex Community College Biotechnology Program

Associate in Science- Biotechnology Technician                 GOLD
Biotechnology Technician Certificate                                      GOLD

The Middlesex CC Biotechnology Technician program provides students with the education and training in skills required for entry level employment as technicians in manufacturing, research, media preparation, validation, quality control, documentation, and process operations. The program emphasizes hands-on practical lab work and includes on-site work experience at a local biotechnology company.

In addition to biotechnology-specific science, students take classes in chemistry, biology, microbiology, English composition, mathematics for technology, computers for technology, and quality control/GMP. The day certificate program is full-time for ten months; the evening certificate is part-time for 16 months. Credits earned in the certificate program can be applied to the Biotechnology Technician associate degree.


Mt. Wachusett Community College

Associate of Science in Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing           SILVER
Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing Certificate                             SILVER


Northern Essex Community College

Associate in Applied Science in Laboratory Science                      GOLD

The associate in applied science degree program in Laboratory Science is a two-year program designed to build the essential skills and knowledge required for entry level employment and/or transfer to a four-year college or university. The curriculum allows students with minimal science and mathematics backgrounds to enter the program and develop the skills needed to successfully complete upper level science courses.

The program focus areas are: Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, and Chemical Analysis. A minimum of 60 credit hours are required for graduation.

The first year of the program focuses on developing science, computer and math skills, in addition to training in good laboratory practices (GLP), and the “soft skills” deemed desirable by employers such as communication, teamwork, and analytical reasoning.

The second year focuses on further developing analytical skills, training in the use of specialized equipment such as HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and GC (gas chromatography), and becoming familiar with cell culture techniques. Also, in the second year, students spend time in externships to acquire work experience in the field.  Externships might take place at: Biotechnology companies, universities, the Department of Environmental Protection and other state or wildlife agencies, crime labs, or biopharmaceutical companies. In addition, the program provides the foundation to pursue a career as a medical lab technician.

Quinsigamond Community College

Biotechnology Certificate                             GOLD

The Quinsigamond Community College Biotechnology Certificate Program provides students with an overview of the science of biotechnology as well as the technical skills required for entry level employment in manufacturing or research.  The program emphasizes hands-on technical skills and includes on-site instruction and technical skill application at a local biotechnology company.  
Additionally, students take courses in cell biology, molecular biology, chemistry, microbiology and computer science.  The certificate is a part time program for 10 months. Credits earned in the certificate program can be applied to the General Studies -Biotechnology  Option associates degree program.

Roxbury Community College

Associate of Science- Biotechnology                    GOLD
Biotechnology/Biomanufacturing Certificate        GOLD

Associate in Science Degree in Biotechnology (AS)

The purpose of the Biotechnology Associate in Science Degree is two-fold.  All students will obtain a broad-based science background focusing on the courses in the life and chemical sciences.  In addition, students will develop specific laboratory skills applicable to procedures commonly performed in research hospitals and research industrial laboratories all over the United States.  Students successfully completing the programs will be able to transfer to a four-year university to further their studies in the sciences at the baccalaureate level or, if they prefer, join the  workforce as entry-level research or laboratory assistants.

Biotechnology/Bio-manufacturing Certificate (C)

Biotechnology and Bioscience industries are among the most rapidly expanding fields in Massachusetts.  The Biotechnology/Bio-manufacturing certificate program is designed for the student who wishes to learn about the field of biotechnology or who may already have a scientific background but desires to study the details of this burgeoning field in the hope of gaining an entry level position at one of the many biotechnology companies, hospitals, clinics, or laboratories in the greater Boston area.  Research assistants, lab technicians, manufacturing technicians, quality control technicians, documentation coordinator, and instrumentation calibration are examples of such careers.


Springfield Technical Community College

Associate of Science in Biotechnology                   SILVER

Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) offers a Biotechnology Associate Degree Program with two options with curriculum designed in concert with academic partners and local industry.  Students completing the transfer option of the AS degree will transfer to a four-year programs to complete a degree in any of the biological sciences.  The career option concentrates on the methodology and techniques of microbiology, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics, microbial testing and cell culture.  Graduates completing the career option are qualified to secure employment as a laboratory assistant, laboratory technician, or manufacturing technician.  Hands-on lab work emphasizes important skills such as data analysis, laboratory calculations, sterile technique, proper processing of materials, and proper record keeping and documentation.  

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