Our Purchasing
Consortium saves our
members over $35 million each year.

There is power in numbers! By aggregating the purchasing power of the members companies within MassBio, the Purchasing Consortium allows members to have a strong presence in the marketplace and benefit from competitive discounts and top notch customer service.

The MassBio Purchasing Consortium was the first in the industry, and is developed through feedback from member companies as part of an ongoing effort to help companies extend their burn rate.

Creating Value

  • More than $750,000 in rebates to our membership
  • Nearly $55 million in contract sales
  • More than 75 percent of MassBio members participate.

For more information, please email us or call 617-674-5100.

We continuously evaluate the need of our members and the existing contracts to ensure that we are delivering the best value.


The Purchasing Consortium mission is to provide value to members of MassBio by leveraging their combined purchasing power to negotiate contracts with primary suppliers providing cost savings and a high level of service.


The MassBio Purchasing Consortium has been established for the following purposes:

  • To support member companies by assessing their needs and providing contracts and services that will lower overall cost and increase efficiency of commodity acquisition.
  • To work with suppliers who support the biotechnology community to establish productive, positive relationships that will result in competitive and fair contracts and agreements.
  • To provide an ongoing quality review process for contract and supplier evaluation.
  • To serve as a resource for a broad base of supplier product and service information.
  • To assist MassBio as a whole in providing programs that benefit the community.
  • To provide ongoing quality review for contracts and supplier evaluations to ensure that our members are receiving the most competitive pricing and best customer service available in the marketplace.

Please Note

New services are brought on to the Purchasing Consortium through MassBio on an as needed basis and after a thorough review and RFP (where applicable). MassBio’s Purchasing Advisory Group and Executive Board are used for guidance during the review process. MassBio considers both member and non-member companies for primary suppliers within the Purchasing Consortium.

Contract service providers look ing to connect with MassBio members are encouraged to join the MassBio CRO CMO Gateway.