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MassBio's Purchasing Consortium allows our members to combine purchasing power and save. This is one of our primary suppliers.

Columbia Insurance


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Columbia Insurance offers MassBio members a 6% discount on auto insurance through Plymouth Rock Assurance!

Christine Pierce
(781) 690-0624

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Columbia Insurance understands that MassBio member company employees are busy and time is one of the most valuable resources.  This is why Columbia has designed our group auto insurance program to not only save MassBio member company employees’ money, but more importantly time!  

Columbia Insurance keeps  employees on the job by doing all the running around! We will come to your work places to meet with your employees so they do not have to take the time off from work in order to take care of their insurance needs.  In addition, if they need to register a vehicle, Columbia will go to the RMV and bring the plates back to your employees.  Why should your employees spend 3 hours at the Registry trying to get a car on the road when Columbia will do it for them for free!

Beginning April 1st Columbia will also offer discounted homeowners insurance to MassBio members.  This includes renters and condo owners also.


Christine Pierce

(781) 690-0624

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