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Tom Moore
MassBio Account Manager


As a qualifying MassBio member, receive up to 25% or more off EvaluatePharma®, the trusted source for pharmaceutical and biotechnology commercial insights, strategic analysis and consensus sales forecasts to 2020.

This offer also includes daily news and commentary from Evaluate’s award-winning editorial team, EP Vantage, and exclusive industry reports. EvaluatePharma® is an online subscription-based service that transforms life sciences market intelligence into insights companies can leverage to continue to improve their performance. Our clients include companies large to small including the majority of the Top 100 pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, consultancies, service providers to the industry, and more. With our services, you get the dedication of the entire Evaluate team that is focused on providing effective solutions that drive your performance and positively impact healthcare innovation.

Key uses of EvaluatePharma for pharma & biotech companies, advisors, & service providers:

  • Develop compelling business cases and optimize product/company positioning
  • Conduct market and competitive analysis of R&D and commercial landscape for strategic planning and critical business decisions
  • Identify the best growth, investment opportunities and partners
  • Benchmark deals to support negotiations and transactions: M&A, Licensing, Investments
  • Conduct valuations of assets and companies
  • Prepare presentations for investors, shareholders, industry events using highly reputable data
  • Triangulate forecasts and other internal evaluations and analysis
  • Identify lucrative global markets for your products
  • Understand the dynamics behind USA product sales including drug price and annual cost per patient

Contract Highlights

  • Online subscription to industry leading EvaluatePharma® service with MassBio member discounts up to 25% or more*
  • Online subscription to award-winning EP Vantage news and commentary with email alerts and Event Analyzer
  • Complimentary industry reports:
  • Quick Start needs analysis and EvaluatePharma® training
  • Expert client support provided by caring, well-credentialed professionals
  • Dedicated Account Manager, Client Support Manager and Executive Sponsor
  • Ability to provide direct input by joining our Product Voices client feedback group


For additional information and to schedule a demo contact Tom Moore, or visit our website:

Tom Moore, MassBio Account Manager,, Tel: +1-617-573-9454.


*Some restrictions may apply.


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Founded in 1985, MassBio represents over 650 biotechnology companies, academic institutions, research hospitals, and service organizations involved in life sciences and health care, and works to advance policy and promote education, while providing member programs and events, industry information, and services.

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