Email Your State Senator Today in Support of Amendment #654

The Massachusetts State Senate recently released their draft Fiscal Year 2020 Budget and it contains a radical, unproven policy proposal to change how much the state’s Medicaid program, MassHealth, pays for prescription drugs. Outside Sections 4 and 39 (pdf) would allow the state to set the price for a prescription drug if the drug’s manufacturer does not agree to provide “voluntary” additional discounts. If passed, this drastic approach would threaten patients’ access to the next generation of breakthrough therapies, ruin Massachusetts’ image as the best place in the world for the life sciences, and immediately threaten the continued success of one of our state’s fastest growing sectors and the industries that benefit from it.

Your State Senator needs to hear from you today about how they can fix this harmful proposal by supporting Amendment #654

Using your home address, the form on the right will allow you to send an email to your State Senator asking them to support Amendment #654. Passage of this Amendment would significantly change Outside Sections 4 and 39 and protect patient access to new drugs and Massachusetts’ leading biotech cluster. A sample message will be provided, but please take the time to personalize your message to explain why you support the life sciences industry – whether you work for a biotech company or work in an industry that benefits from it. They need to hear directly from you - the constituents that vote them into office and that must hold them accountable.