As the leading life sciences and healthcare organizations in the world, it’s incumbent upon all of us to do everything we can to address the COVID-19 pandemic and aid the first responders and healthcare providers who are putting their health on the line every day to help patients. To that end, we’re launching the Massachusetts Life Sciences Emergency SupplyHub to help coordinate efforts to try and bring additional supplies and resources to our state’s healthcare institutions so they can continue to test and treat patients with COVID-19.

We’re asking every life sciences and healthcare organization to consider how they may be able to help, specifically in donating personal protection equipment (PPE), lab, testing, or diagnostics supplies, to combat COVID-19.

The State has set up a portal for anyone seeking to donate supplies. Fill out the State’s COVID-19 donation form below.

This information will be shared directly with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) who are coordinating all donations and working directly with the Department of Public Health to triage all requests for supplies.

In addition, if you are looking to sell supplies to the state, please fill out this separate form. Those who are interested in adapting your business to produce PPE, please reach out to the Manufacturing Emergency Response Team.

Lastly, if you are a healthcare facility seeking supplies, please follow the guidance issued by the state.

Please join us in helping to ensure healthcare institutions across the Commonwealth have what they need to continue this fight.


Robert K. Coughlin, President & CEO, Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio)

Brian Johnson, President, Massachusetts Medical Device Industry Council (MassMEDIC)

Patricia McMullin, Executive Director, Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals (COBTH)

Steve Walsh, President & CEO, Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association (MHA)

List of Supplies & Expertise Needed

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  • Surgical/procedure masks
  • N95/N99 masks (respirators)
  • Face masks with integrated shield
  • PAPRs
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Protective suits/gowns
  • Booties / shoe covers
  • Headcovers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sanitizing wipes
Hospital Supplies
  • Ventilators, PEEP
  • Stretchers/beds
  • Hospital gowns
  • Endotracheal tubes
  • Vital sign monitors
  • Thermometers
Lab Supplies
  • UVT 3ML with flocked flex minitip
  • 1.5ml swab microtiped flocked
  • 6in swab Darcon
  • Medium 2% FBS STD REFEED ML
  • Sample collection supplies (sterile swabs, tubes, media)
  • MicroAmp™ Optical 384-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode
  • MicroAmp™ Fast Optical 96-Well Reaction Plate 0.1mL
  • RNAse Away 6-pack
  • RNeasy Mini Kit
  • TaqMan™ Fast Advanced Master Mix
  • BD Universal Viral Transport for Viruses, Chlamydiae, Mycoplasmas, and Ureaplasmas
  • 0.2 mL PCR 8-tube Strip with Indiv. Attached Dome Caps
  • QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit
  • Viral RNA Isolation Kits
  • QIAamp® Viral RNA Mini Kits
  • QIAamp® MinElute Virus Spin Kit or RNeasy® Mini Kits (QIAGEN
  • EZ1 DSP Virus Kits (QIAGEN)
Diagnostics Supplies and Instruments
  • Roche MagNA Pure Compact RNA Isolation Kits
  • Roche MagNA Pure Compact Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits
  • Roche MagNA Pure 96 DNA and Viral NA Small Volume Kits
  • Roche MagNA Pure systems
  • Roche 480Z
  • ABI 7500DX
  • Qiagen EZ1 Advanced XL
  • QIAcube/QIAcube Connect
  • cobas omni Wash Reagent 6997503190
  • cobas omni Lysis Reagent  6997538190
  • cobas omni MGP Reagent 6997546190
  • cobas omni Specimen Diluent 6997511190
  • cobas NHP Negative Control Kit 7002220190
  • cobas omni Pipette Tips 5534925001
  • cobas omni Processing Plate 5534917001
  • cobas omni Amplification Plate 5534941001
  • 6800 biohazard bags 7435967001
Professional Resources
  • Lab Tech
  • Registered Nurse
  • Physician/Medical Doctor
  • Pharmacist

SupplyHub FAQs

How does this work? Should companies drop off supplies or will they be picked up?

Once you fill out the state’s form, MEMA will get in touch with you directly. They have drop-off sites across the state or can arrange a pick-up.

Can we direct where our donated supplies end up?

The state, through their existing process, is providing supplies to healthcare providers based on level of need.

Can you tell us where our supplies end up?

No. Donated supplies go into the state’s stockpile and are distributed based on the state’s existing process.

Will the state accept expired products?

They are handling all on a case-by-case basis.

What is the decontamination process for donated equipment?

The state will work with you to evaluate the equipment, its condition, and what’s necessary from a decontamination perspective.

Do you expect this to have a big impact for hospitals?

We hope that this will help with hospitals’ immediate needs, especially in terms of PPE, but that all depends on how many companies step up to donate.

How can companies get in touch to share information about what they can donate?

The State has set up a portal for anyone seeking to donate supplies. This information will be shared directly with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) who are coordinating all donations and working directly with the Department of Public Health to triage all requests for supplies.

How should healthcare providers request supplies?

If you are a healthcare provider seeking supplies – PPE or otherwise – please submit all requests via the channels shown on the illustrative diagram created by the state. The Commonwealth will coordinate your requests. For hospitals, nursing homes, community health centers, emergency medical services, local public health, and other health facilities, this means to request or report PPE shortages to your regional Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition (HMCC).

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has released “Guidance on Prioritization of PPE in MA“. In the near term, given current supplies, PPE will be prioritized for medical facilities on the front lines.

The Massachusetts Life Sciences Emergency SupplyHub is a facilitator of information to the state government regarding donated supplies and requests for supplies. We do not have any supplies to give and are not directly connecting donations & requests for supplies. All information we receive is routed through MEMA and DPH to be included in their existing process for distributing supplies to healthcare providers as outlined above.