Looking for help improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at your organization?

Our DEI Advisory services are designed for MassBio member organizations who are seeking next-level DEI strategic consulting. We provide supplemental services, resources, and time to members who have exceeded the core set of DEI resources that are available to all members as part of their MassBio membership. DEI Advisory is a member-only offering on a per-hour fee basis to be paid in addition to the company’s annual membership dues.

DEI Advisory is fully customized based on each organization’s needs, objectives, and timelines. Starting with a baseline assessment of where an organization is in its DEI journey and identifying its priorities and goals, we develop a strategic plan to help them meet those objectives.

These services can include:

Organizational DEI Trainings

Continuing DEI education builds up an organization from leadership on down and sets a path toward sustainable success. Use our designed courses or have programming specifically engineered for your organization’s needs.

Intelligent Audit

This next level data analysis synthesizes quantitative & qualitative data of an organization to establish baseline metrics, as well as identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and opportunities around an organization’s DEI focus areas (e.g., recruitment, retention, etc.). A complete audit will allow an organization to set metrics and objectives unique to their organization.

Metrics and Analytics

Regularly paired with an Intelligent Audit, this work helps an organization take the next step following data collection efforts that will lead to actionable insights, accurate measurement of ROI, and setting of KPIs distinctive to an organization’s strategic objectives. Armed with these data, organizations can better track and analyze DEI progress and opportunities for further improvement and growth.

NewGEN Programming

DEI is not one-sized fits all and is always evolving. This service helps an organization identify and implement a series of best practices to become the foundation of future DEI programming. We bring organizations emerging frameworks, new technologies, and innovations that will build equitable and sustainable DEI outcomes.

Examples of NewGEN programming can include:

  • Adopting business processes that deliver higher EVP (Employee Value Proposition) to under-represented groups;
  • Implementing digital tools that build equity and measure inclusion;
  • Calculating your organization’s Inclusion Score to measure progress over time.

Reach out to our DEI team to start transforming DEI approaches at your company.