We would like to provide the academic institutions in our network with valuable resources typically available only to MassBio members, but we recognize our network’s inability to take advantage of Boston-specific benefits. As a result, we have created a unique membership for you.

You can download an informational PDF on our sponsorship here.

Sponsorship Fee: $1,750 USD (subject to change)
1-year sponsorship – Optional free 6-month trial


  • Ability to participate in academic committees & dedicated workings groups
  • Access to Innovation Services programs
  • Access to the Academic-Industry Relationship (ACAD) Forum Working Group events (webcasts)
  • Discount on MassBio Events
  • Ability to post on MassBio Calendar
  • Institution logo and recognition on academic network-related webpage and social media announcements
  • Receive regular announcements about events, partnership opportunities, and related activities through our dedicated monthly newsletter

Academic Partners Membership Application