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If you’re interested in supporting MassBioDrive’s startups, here’s how you can get involved with the program.

If you’d like to share your expertise

Become a mentor. Mentors play an invaluable role in helping founders take the first step (and all the other steps after). Your perspectives and experiences could be extremely valuable to someone who is just starting out. If you’d like to learn more, visit our mentor overview and interest form. 

If you want a front-row seat to the latest industry breakthroughs

Volunteer as an analyst. Analysts are undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in the life sciences (biology, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, or biochemistry preferred) or business, or experienced professionals who help conduct due diligence on our cohort applications. Interested? Send us your CV to start the conversation.

If you have tools or resources to provide

Partner with MassBioDrive to support our cohorts. From consulting services and access to a technology to space or prizes, startups can benefit from all different types of resources. If you have something to share and would like to get involved, learn more about sponsorship opportunities and reach out to our team.