September 19 – 22, 2022

Helping early-stage innovators thrive in
today’s life sciences ecosystem

Jumpstart Your Biopharma

The life sciences’ premier innovation summit, MassBio’s Partnering Week is an interactive experience that connects emerging companies with the partners, insights, and resources they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Get R&D Insights

Tune in each day for the latest insights on AstraZeneca’s, EMD Serono’s, or Takeda’s R&D strategy and therapeutic focus areas, followed by a Q&A session with company leaders.

Networking Reception

Join us in person at the MassBioHub on September 20 at 5pm for a networking reception with our sponsors and the Massachusetts innovation ecosystem.

Meet our Partners

Therapeutic Areas
  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Rare disease
    • All with an emphasis on cell and gene therapy
  • Oncology, with a focus on cell and gene therapy, hematology, and oncology and immuno-oncology small molecule therapeutics, biologics, tumor targeted delivery, and combination therapies 
    • Stage: Preclinical to Phase 1
  • Respiratory & Immunology, including infectious diseases and vaccines, respiratory and immunology and inflammation
    • Stage: Clinical to Phase 3
  • Cardiovascular, renal, endocrine, and metabolic therapeutics, novel cell and gene therapies or digital health technologies
    • Stage: Preclinical to Phase 4, or academic spinouts/tech transfer with strong science
  • Neurology, with a focus on neuro-inflammation Stage: Preclinical to IND assets
  • Oncology
    • Stage: Preclinical to IND assets
  • Cardiology, metabolism, and endocrinology
    • Stage: Preclinical to IND assets
  • Neuroscience, with a focus on neurodegeneration and neuromuscular/rare neurological disorders
    • Stage: Early-stage preclinical to IND assets
  • Oncology and immuno-oncology, hematology
    • Stage: Early-stage preclinical to IND assets
  • Rare disease, with a focus on hematological and metabolic/inborne errors of metabolism and lysosomal storage disorder including renal 
    • Stage: Early-stage preclinical to IND assets

Apply for a 1:1 Partnering Meeting

Apply for a 1:1 partnering meeting with our Partnering Week sponsors by filling out our form below. By submitting your application, you’ll join MassBio’s innovation network, where you’ll be able to access other growth opportunities for your company.

Eligibility Guidelines – Partnering Week biopharma companies are looking to connect with individuals with groundbreaking ideas or next-generation technologies that fit within their therapeutic areas of focus.

The application deadline is August 9, 2022.

Please use this form to apply to meet with a 2022 MassBio Partnering Week company.
  • Use this section to provide any additional context about the development stage of your company/organization/project.

Protection of intellectual property rights (ex. patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, etc.) of your concept is your responsibility and your responsibility alone.  

Information you include in your application will be shared with our partners. Please note that these partners did NOT sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Therefore, you should not include any information in your application that you feel could be harmful to your company should that information be disclosed.