Cichon Procurement Consulting


Cichon Procurement Consulting, LLC is offering MassBio member organizations expert support relating to Procurement & Sourcing of mission critical suppliers & services, leveraging more than 35 years of demonstrated success. Independently advising clients of various scope and scale on elements of Spend Management, Source to Pay, Supplier Management, Contingent Workforce Programs, etc.

Primary focus at this time relates to Packaging & Labelling. The overall goal is to simplify the entire process eliminating the need to communicate with individual companies, sales representatives, or custom service agents. This reduces administrative time investment while assuring access to best in class suppliers and competitive pricing. Our automated solution will reduce cost and streamline the entire process associated with sourcing label and packaging requirements. We can manage the entire process related to sourcing label and packaging requirements regardless of order size or specifications. Our staff leverages the collective knowledge of highly experienced Global sourcing experts and print and production SME’s. We match project specifications and order sizes to optimal production platforms reducing price and procurement timelines.

We use automation to streamline the order process eliminating the need to identify, interview, and qualify sources. We consult as desired on design, production, distribution and order execution. Our custom solution eliminates the need to meet with multiple suppliers and sales representatives while seamlessly sourcing across multiple vendor options assuring best pricing and lead-times for large and small projects.

The entire process can be managed from our client facing e-commerce solution from any location.

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