The Importance of Biomarker Selection in Healthcare

Feb 07, 2022

ONTOFORCE Whitepaper

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Biomarkers have repeatedly demonstrated their value in healthcare product development over the last decades.

From early preclinical development to post-marketing studies, biomarkers significantly increase the success rates of clinical evaluations by up to 20%, reducing the main cost per patient and facilitating regulatory approval. In addition, they offer considerable potential for improving health outcomes.

However, their high value is equalized with time-consuming and expensive identification and validation processes. While the relatively limited number of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved biomarkers might indicate that the usefulness of potential biomarkers in clinical development is a challenge to demonstrate.

This paper provides an overview of the necessity of biomarkers during pharmacological and medical product development, the challenges associated with the identification and selection of relevant biomarkers, and, more importantly, how this intensive process can be simplified when efficiently linking and structuring data from several databases into one search platform.


Download The importance of biomarker selection in healthcare and get action-driven insights into:

  • Overcoming the challenges in identifying and validating biomarkers.
  • Singling out interesting biomarkers related to a specific disease easily.
  • Naming Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) related to biomarker research in a matter of clicks.
  • Enriching your own research data with input from public resources in seconds.

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