Biocytogen was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Beijing, with three affiliates both in US and China. We are one of the global leaders in gene targeted animal model production, preclinical in vivo efficacy studies and pharmacological services. We have developed two excellent platforms: 1) custom gene targeting service platform, which features our innovative CRISPR-based Extreme Genome Editing (EGE®) technology. EGE® technology increases large fragment knockin efficiency by 10-20 fold for multiple gene editing models including cell lines, rats, mice and other species at low cost. Over 2,000 knockout/knockin mouse and rat models have been delivered worldwide, and this number is rapidly expanding. 2) Immuno-Oncology drug service platform, which is comprised of humanized immune checkpoint mouse models (e.g. B-hPD-1 mice) and immunodeficient animals with human immune system reconstruction (B-NDG mice). All models have been generated independently by Biocytogen. These models are very useful in in vivo efficacy studies to directly evaluate antibody and compound candidates targeting specific human immune checkpoints at various stages of your drug development.
Biocytogen has established a global technical service network which relies on our unique technical platforms, standard operation procedures, strict quality control systems, talented scientists, and an efficient management team. The scientific team in our recently opened Boston branch at “50-C Audubon Road, Wakefield, MA” are focusing on preclinical animal in vivo efficacy and pharmacology service to speed up your drug development.

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