Protecting Massachusetts’ status as the best place
in the world for biotech

Through education and advocacy, MassBio promotes thoughtful legislative and regulatory solutions that give Massachusetts life sciences companies the best environment possible to research, develop, and commercialize breakthrough therapies and cures, and that ensure patients around the world have equitable, affordable access to those new treatments. Likewise, we oppose policies that threaten patient access, limit innovation, or hurt the Massachusetts life sciences industry’s competitiveness in the global economy.

When government, industry, and academia work together, our industry thrives and patients around the world benefit. MassBio is here to ensure that the relationship is strong, lasting, and mutually beneficial.

Policy News & Legislative Updates

MassBio regularly issues statements about our position on a variety of state and federal policy proposals that impact our industry, our members, and patients. In addition, every week we summarize what happened at the State House and on Capitol Hill, while looking forward at the week ahead in our Legislative Updates.

Coalition for Health Advances & Research in Massachusetts (CHARM)

MassBio is a steering committee member of the Coalition for Health Advances & Research in Massachusetts (CHARM) that was recently launched to rally support for locating the headquarters of the newly formed Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) in Massachusetts. ARPA-H was created by the Biden Administration to accelerate research aimed at preventing and curing diseases ranging from infectious disease, chronic disease, Alzheimer’s, and cancer. CHARM is composed of organizations representing the wide breadth of industries and sectors that compose the Massachusetts innovation economy, as well as municipal, state, and federal government partners.

Support CHARM

We invite executives at our member companies to sign this letter in support of locating the ARPA-H headquarters in Massachusetts. We want decision makers in D.C. to know that unlike any other state, Massachusetts has the necessary pool of cross-disciplinary talent in biomedical and other scientific fields to fill rotating program manager roles, and that the Commonwealth boasts innovative organizations that are driving cutting edge R&D and are well versed in technology transfer and commercialization.

The Massachusetts Biotech Caucus

The Massachusetts State Legislative Biotech Caucus is a group of state legislators interested in and supportive of the life sciences industry. Caucus meetings may include company site visits, panel discussions on hot topics, or educational programs. By sharing information and resources with the Caucus Co-Chairs, MassBio helps inform the Caucus’ activities and educational opportunities.

Contact Susan Martin to learn more.

Policy Working Group

MassBio convenes a Policy Working Group of member company government affairs leads and key company contacts who meet regularly to discuss and formulate MassBio’s state and federal advocacy strategy. Inclusion in the Policy Working Group is by invitation only.

Contact Susan Martin to learn more.

Legislative Priorities

Our approach to legislative advocacy is driven by two aligned missions: protecting patient access to existing and future therapies; and ensuring Massachusetts remains the best place in the world for life sciences companies to thrive. State and federal policy priorities are developed by MassBio’s government relations team in close consultation with our member companies through the Policy Working Group and other industry stakeholders.

State Priorities

Massachusetts is the world leader in life sciences innovation. We also lead in healthcare policy and access to high quality healthcare and breakthrough therapies. That’s why it’s critical we educate and inform state legislators as they make decisions that impact our ecosystem. Our state advocacy focuses on issues such as: commercial and Medicaid access and reimbursement, the proper use of health technology assessments (HTAs), co-pay assistance programs, transportation, housing, workforce development, and diversity & inclusion.

  • 2021-2022 Session Recap
  • MassBio Bills of Interest (coming in 2023-2024)
  • Additional priorities
    • Healthcare related bills (coming 2023-2024)

Federal Priorities

MassBio consistently works to promote a regulatory and legislative environment that enables the life sciences industry to thrive. MassBio has established long-lasting relationships with both lawmakers and regulators in Washington DC and continues to advocate for policies and initiatives on behalf of the industry. Our federal advocacy focuses on a range of issues from: access to reimbursement, paying for value, tax reform, workforce development, immigration, NIH funding, and the regulatory environment.

Working Groups

  • Transportation: The purpose of MassBio’s Transportation Working Group is to think about the role the life sciences industry can play in developing and implementing solutions to the transportation issues facing Massachusetts. From traffic to public transportation and beyond, our industry and its 90,000+ employees must come up with creative ideas and solutions, from small to large, to ensure our industry remains successful and sustainable. (Learn more)

Policymakers Live 2022

  • Segun Idowu, Chief of Economic Opportunity & Inclusion for the City of Boston (YouTube)
  • Senator Bruce Tarr (October 12 – Register)

Cures for the Commonwealth

  • The digital advocacy campaign that aims to share patient stories, build a community of like-minded residents of Massachusetts, and open the lines of communications between these folks and state legislators.

Additional Resources

MassBio actively works with policy makers to develop laws and regulations that foster innovation.