Sana Biotechnology


We believe we are entering a new era of medicine.  The ability to modify genes and use cells as medicines provides new tools to meaningfully change the outcome of many human diseases.

Early pioneers have made good progress, but most of what we can deliver for patients remains in front of us. 

Sana was founded with the long view – bringing together great people and the best technologies to deliver on the challenging promise of engineered cells as medicines.

Three aspirations drive Sana as we look to treat patients with poor outcomes or currently untreatable diseases.

  1. Repair and control genes in any cell

    In the area classically thought of as gene therapy, we are investing in both delivery and gene modification capabilities.

  2. Replace any cell in the body

    The convergence of stem cell biology and immunology means we have the potential to replace missing or damaged tissue in the body.

  3. Tear down barriers to accessing our therapies

    Scalable manufacturing with a focus on the cost of manufacturing, and working to align with key stakeholders will enable broader patient access to our therapies.

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