BioIVT Highlights Its Recent Hepatocyte Research at the Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Mar 24, 2022

Posted by BioIVT

BioIVT, a leading provider of research models and services for drug and diagnostic development, today announced that it will be presenting initial results from two of its hepatocyte research projects at the 2022 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. The conference will be held from March 27-31 both virtually and in person in San Diego, CA. 


“We’re excited to be back, in-person, meeting with the research community at SOT,” said Dr. Christopher Black, BioIVT Senior Vice President ADME-Tox. “During the past two years, our customers have shown remarkable skill in adapting to the challenges of advancing R&D programs during the pandemic. We are proud to have been able to participate as a trusted partner supporting their research with our comprehensive hepatic product portfolio and contract research services.”


Investigating Optimal Culture Conditions for NASH Research


Many in vitro models simulate nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) conditions by culturing human hepatocytes in fatty acid-enriched media. This approach reproduces the histological features of steatosis, however, the resulting hepatocellular lipidome has not been comprehensively compared to NASH hepatocytes.


In this study, scientists at BioIVT and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia collaborated to compare the lipidome of primary human hepatocytes with confirmed NASH to the lipidome of hepatocytes in a sandwich-cultured human hepatocytes high fatty acid culture – conditions typically used to model NASH. Their results suggest that use of fatty-acid-enriched media is not sufficient to simulate the lipidome of hepatocytes from patients with NASH.


These results will be described in more detail in poster P432 entitled “Evaluation of NASH In Vitro – Does Fatty Acid-Enriched Media Recapitulate the Human Hepatocyte Lipidome?” which will be presented from 10:45 am to 12:30 pm on March 30.


Benefits of Adding Protein to In Vitro Hepatocyte Cultures


Dr. Kenneth Brouwer, Vice President of Technology, ADME-Tox and Research & Development at BioIVT, will also present data from the company’s research into the potential benefits of adding protein to in vitro hepatocyte cultures.


“Our results show that the conventional methodology of normalizing data from in vitro assays performed in the absence of protein with protein binding values determined separately can lead to the incorrect prediction of in vivo parameters,” said Dr. Brouwer. “Our methodology, which involves adding physiologic concentrations of protein to in vitro assays, may improve in vitro-in vivo correlation when investigating hepatic transport, metabolism, and toxicity. In turn, this approach provides more robust data on which to base lead selection and optimization decisions.”


Dr. Brouwer’s presentation will include data demonstrating the effects of protein on the disposition of several well-characterized drugs. His session entitled “Impact of Protein Binding: Improving In Vivo Predictions of Hepatic Clearance, Intracellular Concentration, Metabolic Inhibition Potential and Hepatotoxicity” will be held on March 28 at 1:30 pm.


During SOT, BioIVT will also highlight its extensive inventory of hepatocytes, non-parenchymal cells, and subcellular fractions, which are available in large lot sizes with high viability and consistent quality. BioIVT employs comprehensive quality assurance and quality control processes, which include beginning, middle, and end testing, and its products are supplied with a certificate of analysis.


BioIVT’s global logistics infrastructure, supply chain management, and import/export regulation expertise have enabled it to maintain supplies throughout the pandemic. The company has product staged at distribution centers in the US, UK, and Europe, and the capacity to store more than 700,000 vials in cryogenic storage dewars.


All BioIVT hepatic products, including its innovative models and technologies, will be described in detail in SOT booth #812 and can be found in its digital portal at BioIVT experts will also be available in the booth to answer questions about both research projects.


Additional information about the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is event is available at


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