Clinical Trials Laboratory Services Shows Donor Appreciation with Enhanced Services at its Blood Donation Centers

Nov 04, 2019

New features include upgraded refreshments and entertainment options, improved compensation, increased donor educational materials, and an expanded company website

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Nov. 4, 2019 – Clinical Trials Laboratory Services (CTLS), a leading provider of human blood products and biological specimens to the research community, today announced that it has made several enhancements to the donor experience at its donor center in North West London, UK. CTLS specializes in collecting blood, serum and plasma from consented donors.


“Donors play a vital role in advancing life sciences research. To show our appreciation for their involvement, we have endeavored to enhance the refreshments, entertainment, compensation and educational materials that we offer to donors during their visits. We have also expanded our CTLS website so that potential donors can learn more about what is involved and how their donations would be used in supporting research,” said CTLS General Manager, Kelly Sapsford.


“With our donors’ help, we are now able to provide medical researchers in Europe with fresh leukopaks for the first time. These leukopaks contain concentrated white blood cells and are used to help identify promising new drug candidates, assess toxicity levels, and conduct stem cell and gene therapy research,” said Ms. Sapsford.


CTLS’ new website at includes detailed descriptions of the different donation programs, outlining the processes involved, expected length of the visit, frequency of donations allowed and the reasons why, and eligibility requirements.


Planned future improvements include expanded donor center hours, online appointment scheduling, and a donor rewards program.


About Clinical Trials Laboratory Services (CTLS)

CTLS is a leading provider of human blood products and biological specimens to the research community. CTLS specializes in the collection of whole blood, serum, immune cells, red cells, and other biofluids from consented donors. Donors are screened according to AABB guidelines and undergo a complete battery of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required infectious disease state tests. For 24 years, specimens collected at the CTLS donor center in London have supported the development of therapeutics and in vitro diagnostic assays. For further information visit or

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