Rediscover SAP: Cloud ERP Solutions for R&D/Clinical Stage

Jan 24, 2024

Get to know the R&D/Clinical Stage Industry Package Solution

Posted by Navigator Business Solutions

Solidify your R&D/Clinical Stage organization business foundation with SAP ERP

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition Life Sciences organizations are able to establish a foundation of processes and controls that help them better run their business today and grow into the next phase of their business evolution.


Get to know the R&D/Clinical Stage Industry Package Solution

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition is targeted at R&D and Clinical Stage Life Science organizations that don’t yet require GxP operations. 

This is not a lite version, this is the real deal, a configuration to get your company up and running on a tier-1 SAP system, quickly meeting your core needs, all for a surprising starting price.

Learn more about the R&D/Clinical Stage Industry Package Solution here.

The S/4HANA Public, R&D/Clinical Stage Industry Package


Who is Navigator Business Solutions?

Growth-focused organizations come to Navigator Business Solutions when they find their ability to grow and or adapt is being limited by their current business processes and systems. All have outgrown their current business systems, some systems are just underpowered, unable to support the company’s growth, some struggle with a group of disconnected systems, and yet others simply are outdated systems that are taking valuable time and resources to hold together.

Navigator’s vision is cutting the cost and headaches of ERP systems by focusing on time-tested, industry-standard base configurations and then either configuring or adding pre-built integrations for industry-specific functionality. This reduces implementation and operational costs, improves deployment speeds, and ensures best practices for firms of all sizes and industries.

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