Axios: The future of Boston office work is hybrid

Aug 26, 2022

By Mike Deehan, Axios Boston

Originally published by Axios Boston on August 26, 2022

Workers prefer to come into the office just once a week — a trend that’s expanding as the hybrid work model goes mainstream, our Axios What’s Next colleagues write.

The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council surveyed 121 life sciences employers last year and found that an average of 65% of employees were in research or laboratory roles that largely require them to be there in person.

  • MassBio CEO Joe Boncore told Axios in an email that outside of research, expanding biomanufacturing companies are adding in-person jobs to the area.

What they’re saying: The necessity of in-person work is not only beneficial for advancing science, Boncore said, but “it’s also been good for the areas and neighborhoods around life science campuses.”

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