MassBioEdge Partner Spotlight: LabCentral Experiences the Crown Difference

Oct 19, 2021

LabCentral, a shared laboratory space designed as a launchpad for life sciences and biotech startups, partners with Crown through the MassBioEdge, for its full-service lab coat program. By leveraging the MassBioEdge and Crown, this partnership allows LabCentral’s intricate organization to focus on research and not the management of lab coat inventories. Recently, a third-party interviewed LabCentral’s Senior Associate of Lab Central Operations to understand the value Crown brings to LabCentral and developed the following case study.

Unique Business Needs

LabCentral is a Massachusetts non-profit company operating as a springboard for high potential life sciences and biotech startups. Its 100,000+ square foot location(s) offer a network of fully permitted laboratory and office spaces for over 60+ distinctive companies all with unique branding needs and challenges. A business like LabCentral requires vendor partners that not only understand their business needs but have the resources and determination to provide reliable and exceptional service during trying times.

Dedication to Service

The increased demand and ongoing shortages for essential items, like regulation lab coats, were an ongoing concern during the pandemic. According to Ken Cook, Senior Associate of Lab Operations; “Nobody could get these lab coats. Crown came through and offered an alternative to use while we waited for ours to come in and even branded them for us. That is above and beyond what should be expected of a vendor.” In addition to providing support throughout the pandemic, Ken mentioned that Crown’s dedication to service makes a difference in their business “My contact knows that in some seasons we go through more towels and [Crown] will make an extra stop so we have what we need. We don’t ask, they see the inventory and offer to do that.”

The Crown Difference

Every business has its nuances and the peace of mind that comes from working with a vendor dedicated to quality products and quality service is meaningful for companies like LabCentral. “We have worked with Crown for two years now, other uniform and linen companies have approached us, but the Crown’s service is so good we haven’t even considered switching. Our needs require a tremendous amount of extra work from Crown than what other linen businesses have to do. Crown does it very well, with no complaints, and always with a smile”.

Partner with a vendor that is willing to go above and beyond so that you can focus on what matters most, your business. To learn how Crown’s dedication to service creates value for local life science and biotech companies, visit

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