Statement by MassBio President & CEO Robert K. Coughlin on President Trump’s Executive Order to Suspend Work Visas

Jun 23, 2020

“The Trump Administration’s Executive Order further restricting legal immigration including the suspension of H-1B visas through the end of 2020 will do nothing but hurt Massachusetts’ economic recovery and slow progress being made to develop the next-generation therapies and cures, including those for COVID-19. Our members and life sciences companies across the country already are facing a supply shortage of specialized, skilled workers across R&D and manufacturing. This Order will further exacerbate that problem, creating talent gaps across organizations. At a time when the federal government is spending hundreds of millions to address COVID-19, it is highly counterproductive to stop the flow of highly skilled immigrant workers necessary to help organizations create these new innovations in record time.”

– Bob Coughlin, President & CEO, MassBio

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