MassBio has created MassCONNECT to link new entrepreneurs and founders with seasoned biotechnology professionals to provide industry expertise, evaluation, and guidance as a means to help commercialize new ideas.

MassCONNECT leverages the power of distributive networks that exist within the biotechnology ecosystem.  MassCONNECT has collected seasoned biotechnology professionals - covering areas essential to creating value (business development, pre-clinical development, clinical development/regulatory, marketing, PR, etc.) – and serial entrepreneurs to:

  • Evaluate and provide feedback on the commercial feasibility of opportunities(technologies that may serve as the basis for start-up or presents a value-add license opportunity);
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,  and threats regarding an opportunity; act as business advisors in a team setting to give industry specific business advice;

Who should join MassCONNECT?

Investigators and Researchers
Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies
MBA Student Interns


Investigators and Researchers

If you are an investigator and are interested in starting a company, collaborating with industry, and licensing your innovation to industry, then MassCONNECT will help you:

  • Showcase your technology for industry experts including biopharmaceutical executives, venture capitalists, and angels;
  • Connect with individuals and teams of mentors who will provide practical advice on how to increase the value of your opportunity;
  • Receive coaching to prepare for investment pitches and develop concise business plans;
  • Connect to resources to improve your idea;
  • Connect to avenues for financing your technology development;
  • Network with business professionals to build and develop your management team.

To apply, please contact Rakhshita Dhar at or 617-674-5143.

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies

For large pharma and biotech companies, MassCONNECT is an opportunity to contribute to creating a sustainable innovation environment and help build the community of entrepreneurs.  More near term, participation in MassCONNECT provides another means to augment deal flow by:

  • Getting a “first look” at innovative platforms, molecules of interest, and more predictive diagnostics
  • Participate in identifying, screening, and selecting cutting edge life science opportunities
  • Participate in mentoring teams (to position start ups for success) around pre-funded technologies.
  • Opportunity to later invest and collaborate in exciting new start-ups or acquire new technologies for drug development

Join MassCONNECT by signing on to be a Mentor or becoming a sponsor.


MBA Student Interns

If you are an MBA student with life science background, we have a place for you as well!

  • Work with emerging entrepreneurs on developing a business plan for the start-up
  • Interact with seasoned industry professionals from pharma, biotech business development and corporate strategics groups, marketing and finance professionals, VC’s, IP attorney, etc. Check out the mentor list.
  • Make the right connections with the right people
  • Receive course credit from your school

MassCONNECT relies on MBA student volunteers to facilitate the program. Students work as project managers for a mentor/entrepreneur team, helping develop business plan pitch decks and acting as liaisons between mentors and entrepreneurs. The position requires 6-8 hours a week and a 10-week commitment.

Apply to be a MassCONNECT intern by sending your resume and cover letter to Rakhshita Dhar at or 617-674-5143.


MassCONNECT is open to life sciences-based, pre-start, opportunities arising from New England based laboratories. The venture must involve the development of a new products, services, applications, or process in the life sciences area.  Typically, these will include new diagnostic tests, pre-clinical therapeutic molecules, platform technologies, and/ or instrumentation.


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.  To apply, please contact Rakhshita Dhar at or 617-674-5143.




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Questions about MassCONNECT or how to participate?

Contact Rakhshita Dhar at or 617-674-5143.