Professional development and networking
opportunities for the life sciences community

MassBio hosts must-attend events for members through our professional development forums and mixers, and the industry at large through our premier conferences. We also offer members exclusive access to our conference and business center, the MassBioHub, to host their own events.

Premier Conferences

Our premier conferences bring together top industry leaders and key stakeholders to discuss relevant topics in all major segments of the life sciences sector. Learn more about event sponsorship here.

Digital Health Impact

The convergence between digital health and the life sciences is creating new opportunities to transform patient care as well as drug discovery and development. From wearables to machine learning, digital technologies are easing data collection from patients, increasing medical adherence, supplementing clinical trials, and offering new insights into real-world applications of therapies. Embedding digital health tools into the life sciences will also allow new therapies to better work within the growing value-based healthcare system that relies on data and measurable outcomes.

Join MassBio as we examine the current state of digital health as it relates to the life sciences, the challenges facing its growth, and opportunities for collaboration. Through keynotes, panel discussions, and case studies, we’ll explore new strategies for therapeutics and digital health innovators to converge and ultimately deliver better outcomes for patients.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Laura Rudberg.

DEI Conference

Our annual DEI Conference provides an opportunity for the life sciences community at all levels and positions to gather and learn about equity, diversity, and inclusion best practices from experts and colleagues, hear from those at life sciences companies who are successfully implementing DEI related initiatives, and gives attendees the opportunity to connect with industry peers seeking to solve the same challenges. This conference regularly brings together hundreds of people working formally or informally in DEI from every size company and covers topics ranging from recruitment to retention to advancement to executive culture and supplier diversity.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Laura Rudberg.

Patient Advocacy Summit

One of MassBio’s most popular events of the year, the Patient Advocacy Summit brings together the patient advocacy community to showcase best practices and cutting-edge examples of how life sciences companies can more fully incorporate the patient voice into the work they do—not just approaching regulatory applications or at commercialization, but throughout the drug development cycle. The program includes panel discussions, case study presentations (spotlighting industry/patient partnerships), and an inspirational keynote address.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Laura Rudberg.

Policy Leadership Breakfast

With policies impacting our industry at the forefront of state legislators’ minds, MassBio’s annual Policy Leadership Breakfast will debate the most pressing policy initiatives facing the life sciences industry. This event is a must-attend for senior industry leaders, policymakers and life sciences government affairs executives.

The event includes keynotes presentations and panel discussions designed to educate and promote an open dialogue. Speakers will address the necessary shift in mindset from measuring costs to measuring value, whether that’s exploring new models for more efficient R&D, piloting innovative pricing models, or working directly with patients to define desired outcomes and endpoints.

To express interest in sponsoring or exhibiting at this event, contact Susan Martin.

Rare Disease Day

Every year, in conjunction with NORD and, MassBio celebrates Rare Disease Day by bringing together over 450 industry stakeholders to elevate public understanding of rare diseases and call attention to the special challenges people with these ailments face.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Laura Rudberg.

State of Possible Conference (MassBio’s Annual Meeting)

In 2019, we rebranded MassBio’s Annual Meeting as the State of Possible Conference to celebrate what’s now possible in the industry that wasn’t five or 10 years ago. This Premier Conference draws over 600 industry leaders from Massachusetts and beyond to debate the most timely and critical challenges facing the life sciences to ensure we can continue this incredible success.

Attendees will hear from the brightest minds in the industry through keynotes, panel discussions, ample networking opportunities, and our Possible Talks®, 15-minutes of inspiring and engaging content in the style of a TED Talk. The event will recognize and award those leaders who fight every day to improve the lives of patients and those around them.

“It’s the Woodstock of Life Sciences, with all star performers playing their greatest hits all on one stage.” – 2019 State of

Possible Conference attendee

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, contact Laura Rudberg.

Networking Mixers

Regular networking mixers across the state provide members, from young professionals to executives, an opportunity to engage with our members from the broader life sciences community. Learn more about event sponsorship here.

Mixers include:

  • St Patrick’s Day Mixer
  • Red Sox Networking Event
  • Oktoberfest
  • Brewery Series
  • Holiday Party
  • Executive Series
  • Regional Mixers (various locations across the state)

Professional Development Forums

Our professional development forums are offered exclusively for members to debate industry hot topics, tackle common challenges, share best practices, and network. Forums are free of charge and are planned by our Forum Working Groups, comprised of volunteers from member organizations who help develop timely programming on a wide variety of industry topics. To speak at a forum or submit a topic of interest, fill out our form.

SCIENCE: Drug Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, and Business Development

Clinical Development, Biostatistics & Data Management (BSDMCT) 

  • John Goldberg, Senior Vice President, Clinical Development at Oncorus
  • Jillian Farrel, Content & PR Manager, Halloran Consulting Group
  • David Sherris, President & CEO, Penrose TX

Drug Discovery (DD) 

  • Monica Gostissa, PhD, Head of Pharmacology, Jounce Therapeutics
  • Shuying He, Senior Director, Eli Lilly
  • William Marks, Strategy & Operations, Seismic Therapeutics
  • Andy Snyder

Drug Formulation Development, Manufacturing & Supply   

  • Lisa Wyman, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations, Acceleron Pharma
  • Parika Petaipimol, Head of Technical Operations & Program Management, UpstreamBio

Business Development and Finance (BD/Fin)

  • Charmaine Demanuele, Director of Biostatistics, Pfizer 

Medical Device, Diagnostics & Digital Health (MedDev, AI, ML) 

  • Anna Welland, Senior Project Manager, Entasis
  • Nova Diop, SVP, Bench International
  • Marc Cote, Executive Coach, FocalPoint Coaching
BUSINESS: Driving Innovation, Supporting Startups, Fostering Academic Industry Relations, and SEF

Academic Industry Relations  

  • Kat Holliday, Senior Associate Director, Technology Transactions, Harvard University
  • Janet Loesberg, SVP Global Medical Affairs, Blueprint Medicines

Nonprofit (NP)

  • Milka Kostic, PhD, Program Director, Chemical Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Human Resources (HR)

  • Stacy Perro, VP of People, Emulate, Inc.
  • Heidi Friedman Ono, Pharma USA

Legal & Regulatory

  • Anu Gaur, Graduate Faculty, Northeastern University; Senior-Level US & Global Regulatory Affairs Strategist Leader
  • Daniel Shores, Partner, Rothwell Figg

Marketing, Communications & Commercialization (MarComm)

  • Linda Ruckel, Director of Communications, Boeringer-Ingelheim
  • Aparna Raghavan, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Safety, Environmental & Facility Operations (SEF)

  • Lauren Laidlaw, VP, Sales & Marketing, Safety Partners, Inc.
  • Stephen Parsons, Senior Manager, Supply Chain, Finch Therapeutics Inc.

Town Halls

In these monthly Town Halls, MassBio’s President & COO, Kendalle Burlin O’Connell, is joined by a different guest to discuss timely issues in the life sciences, hear what MassBio is up to, and explore the state of the industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about event sponsorship here.

Policymaker’s Live

MassBio hosts these invite-only, 1-hour briefings with a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Massachusetts Senate, or a member of the Governor’s Administration, where policymakers outline initiatives they are working on and attendees have the chance to ask questions.

Learn more about event sponsorship here.

Make Shift Happen (DEI Series)

During each event, our Senior Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, is joined by a different guest to discuss topics that will advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in the life sciences industry and beyond.

Learn more about event sponsorship here.

MassBioEd Professional Development

Taught by expert instructors, MassBioEd’s professional training courses are tailored to ensure the content and format maximize interaction and engagement. MassBioEd’s mission is to build and sustain a talented life sciences workforce with a focus on expansion, opportunity, and diversity. These courses provide individuals with skills and knowledge that enhance career growth and cultivate a broad professional network. MassBio members receive a discount on all MassBioEd courses. Learn more

NOTE: All MassBio events adhere to our conference Diversity Policy and Anti-Harassment Policy.