Jornell Abadia (he/him/his)

Digital Marketing Associate

About Jornell

In his role as a Digital Marketing Associate, Jornell’s primary objective revolves around MassBio’s mission by employing marketing emails, monitoring social media channels, and creating content. His instrumental contribution extends to the establishment of Bioversity, an innovative workforce development initiative spearheaded by MassBio. Bioversity carves out new avenues for career progression within the life sciences industry, specifically targeting individuals who have been historically underrepresented. Additionally, he plays a supportive role in media relations and communications, handling press and media interactions on behalf of MassBio.

Prior to MassBio, Jornell graduated from Framingham State University with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. During the Summer of 2023, he interned with MassBio as a Marketing intern through a program called Project Onramp. This program is dedicated to providing college students from under-resourced backgrounds with the opportunity to undertake paid summer internships. During his time as an intern he was fortunate enough to attend the Bio International Convention. This convention brings together global bio-tech companies to deliver four days of BIO One-on-One Partnering for business development, networking events, along with expert-level programming content focused on the most pressing industry topics including COVID-19, Infectious Diseases, Oncology, Business Development, Financing Trends, Cell and Gene Therapy, Digital Health, and more. Building upon his experience and diving into deep market research, he developed his knowledge of marketing theories and trends that make a company successful while using key strategic decisions to gather a target market.

During his upbringing, Jornell held a part-time position as a sales associate at Footlocker, where he grew his love for sneakers, fashion, the music industry, and anything related to pop culture. While finishing his last couple years of college, he worked at a premium sneaker and fashion boutique store that kept up with the latest fashion trends and popular name brands such as Fear of God Essentials, “Off-White”, Kith, Cactus Jack, and much more. While being someone who keeps up with the latest news in pop culture, trendy fashion, and more in his free time, you will come across Jornell speak about trending pop culture media, fashion, #LeadershipMindset, life sciences, diversity, and much more on his LinkedIn social channel.

Jornell possesses an inherent authenticity that naturally positions him as a leader among his peers. Originating from Puerto Rico, Jornell emerged as a shining example by being the sole individual out of his family to successfully go on and attain his college degree. Growing up in an environment that demanded resilience and perseverance, Jornell’s dedication to educating himself and empowering those around him set an inspiring model for his family and community. Jornell’s academic journey wasn’t just about personal advancement; it became a beacon of hope and possibility for those around him.

Through his accomplishments, his determination, and his willingness to achieve his goals by any means, he nurtured a leadership mindset. #LeadershipMindset is a hashtag that resonates with him as his leadership extends beyond his mere actions; it’s a mindset deeply ingrained in his character, a dedication to uplift others through his own accomplishments.

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