Entrinsic Health Solutions


Committed to improving Global Health, Entrinsic Health Solutions leverages gold standard science and game-changing amino acid technology to address critical digestive and hydration related health concerns for individuals and animals around the world.

The seed was planted for Entrinsic Health Solutions when Dr. Sadasivan Vidyasagar realized the seriousness and extent of dehydration on a global scale. He committed himself to researching and supporting healthy digestive function and hydration: the cornerstone of Entrinsic Health Solutions.

Today, Entrinsic Health Solutions is changing the medical community’s understanding of how the body hydrates, nourishes and heals itself by bringing disruptive technology to the science of digestive health. Through primary research conducted in concert with clinical research organizations that include NASA, the U.S. Army and the University of Florida, Entrinsic Health Solutions began challenging conventional thinking about hydration and its impact on digestive function.

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